Ideally located halfway between Paris and Marseille, Lyon is known to be the ultimate gourmets paradise. Lyon’s chefs have been using the beautiful products of the surrounding countryside for centuries in the traditional « bouchons », feeding the workers with hearty gratins and offal-based plates as well as in the finest Michelin restaurants. All of them are deeply in love with « cuisine lyonnaise » that you will discover during your tour. The city is surrounded by 3 major wine regions : Rhone, Beaujolais and Burgundy which all make a perfect getaway for a day or more. But Lyon is not just a food and wine lovers paradise, it is also a fantastic place to understand French history. Former capital of Gaul, Lyon has seen it all and proofs are everywhere : undamaged roman theaters overlooking the city, colourful renaissance district with charming cobbled streets lined with cafés and restaurants, former silk weavers district, now the city’s trendy spot, with street art, micro breweries and craftshops, supermodern urban lab district Confluence at the tip of the peninsula, shaped by Lyon 2 rivers...Our tours will show you everything this unique city has to offer.
Angels favorites in Lyon
Anne-Claire loves walking in the city at night, admiring the elegant and clever city lights design, shopping for Christmas dinner at Halles Paul Bocuse and sitting on the top of Fourvière hill. Fanny loves seating in an ancient roman theater for an open air concert on a warm summer night, an apéritif on the top of the Opera house, and walking down La Croix-Rousse hill in the morning sun.

When to visit
All year round ! More anticipation is requested for early December travel as it coincides with Lyon’s Festival of Lights attracting millions of visitors.


Stay longer
When we say Lyon's location is ideal, those are not just words ! You’re basically a couple of hours away from a lot of major cities, which are the gateways of an array of exciting regions : Paris for Normandy, Loire and Champagne, Beaune and Dijon for Burgundy, Avignon for Rhone, Bordeaux, Marseille for eternal Provence and Nice for glamorous French Riviera!