The picture perfect French countryside, major historic sites, a beautiful coastline and irresistible food, Normandy is a must-see for all France lovers ! Our tours will make you experience the compelling rustic charm of Normandy's countryside, its black and white cows grazing in green meadows separated by trimmed hedges, half-timbered houses villages and apple tree orchards used to make cider and emblematic local brandy Calvados. Your chauffeur will also drive you along the coastline, exploring the spectacular cliffs of Etretat in the east, seaside towns such as Honfleur and its charming port, Opulent Deauville and its sister town Trouville, up to famous Mont Saint-Michel. History will be everywhere, with D Day sites of course, but also with the figure of William the Great that you will encounter many times. You will taste your way through Normandy’s most heart warming food : creamy cheeses, apple and caramel desserts, mussles « à la Normande »...And no Normandy tours would be complete without walks or horseriding along the beach, or sailing at sea, reflecting on this unique light bathing Normandy landscapes that inspired so many artists throughout the centuries.
Angels favorites in Normandy
Anne-Claire loves the charming half-timbered houses, the port of Honfleur that inspired many impressionist painters such as Claude Monet and Eugène Boudin and the colourful beach huts in Deauville. Fanny loves listening to a Satie piano piece while walking along the sea, enjoying a seafood platter with friends at the fishmongers stalls in Trouville and the opulent Stud farms.

When to visit
From April to September.


Stay longer
Normandy is ideally combined with Paris of course, it has been the favorite destinations of wealthy Parisians for a long time and it will bring an interesting contrast to your French adventures. Normandy is also perfect combined with Champagne, Brittany, but also Loire valley and its many chateaux.