The Rhone valley is a land stretching from the city of Lyon in the north, to Avignon, « the city of popes » in the south, following the curves of the majestic river Rhone on its way to the Mediterranean sea. The most striking thing when exploring Rhone is that you will litteraly see the south of France suddenly appear in front of your eyes as your chauffeur will drive you through the valley. As soon as you reach the town of Valence, the sun will be warmer, the cicadas louder and the Mistral wind stronger ! Steep vineyards on both side of the river, continental climate and Lyonnaise’s inspired cuisine in the North echo the famous pebbles terroir, the Mediterranean weather and Provence inspired cuisine of the south. Rhone calls for scenic drives, panoramic walks, comparative tastings, an apéritif in the shade and taking the time ... We will add elegant touches of quiet luxury along the way, such as unique gourmet meals, hidden boutique hotels or historic guest houses.
Angels favorites in Rhone
Anne-Claire loves a glass of wine in front of Chapelle de l’Hermitage, admiring the beautiful panorama on river Rhone and the charming stone houses villages in the hills. Fanny loves the view overlooking the city of Avignon from Palais des Papes terrace, all the little squares with a café, a fountain and plane trees, and the elegant shape and colour of the Dentelles de Montmirail mountains.

When to visit
From April to October.


Stay longer
It's ideal to combine Northern Rhone with the UNESCO listed city of Lyon and even Burgundy if you're looking to experience two very different wine regions. Southern Rhone is your ideal gateway to eternal Provence and French Riviera glamour!