Corsica is located in the Mediterranean Sea, just above Sardinia. This paradise island is a unique blend of various landscapes : rocky coastlines and sandy coves, azure sea and high mountains covered by fragrant maquis. Like all islanders, Corsicans have a strong culture, that they express through their unique lifestyle, food and music and a strong respect for their traditions and their environment. Corsica is the ideal place for slow travel, to take the time to embrace this wild, untouched nature all around you, during gentle walks to secret coves and relaxing swims, to sample localy sourced delicacies and taste wines at hidden gems in the mountains.
Angels favorites in Corsica
Anne-Claire loves to dive from the rocks into the glittering Mediterranean Sea, away from the crowds, and Fanny loves a hike through the « maquis », smelling its heady bouquet of myrtle, thyme, rosemary and sage and seeing cows grazing by the sea.

When to visit
April to October.


Stay longer
Being an island, Corsica is absolutely perfect combined with every region with an airport ! It has a lot of direct sea routes to France and Italy.