Sitting on the top of Gironde estuary, « La » Charente-Maritime is still a confidential destination among France lovers. You will discover a region shaped by water everywhere, a land of canals, marshes, rivers and a beautiful coastline, that built its lifestyle on the salt, wine, and stone trade in the early middle ages. Charente-Maritime is definitely a destination for those enjoying outdoors activities … And the good life of course ! Starting in the south, you will explore Cognac historic town center, with its many Cognac houses, opulent and impressive, before discovering the banks of the estuary with its villages and fishermen huts lining the coast. Being a land open onto the sea, you will see a lot of fortified villages, towns and churches, fishing villages and long sandy beaches. No huge cities in sight, except for lovely La Rochelle, the area's « biggest » city. You will live the life of posh islanders on the very chic Ile d’Oléron or Ile de Ré and end your tour sailing or padding your way through the Poitevin marshes in the north, nicknamed the « green venice ». Breathe!
Angels favorites in Cognac
Anne-Claire loves the bourgeois charm and elegance of the stone buildings of Cognac and Fanny loves the silence that reigns in the Poitevin marshes, only disturbed by the wildlife and the gentle sound of the water. She also enjoy a plate of freshly-caught oysters with crushed black peppercorns. Both love a chilled glass of Pineau des Charentes for an apéritif in front of the ocean.

When to visit
Mid season April to June or September to October.


Stay longer
Although Charente-Maritime is a fantastic area to be explored on its own, it is also ideal combined with a Bordeaux tour and a Loire Valley tour. It will be a perfect digression from all those extraordinary Medoc wines in the south and all those picturebook French chateaux in the north ! You will slow down, breath in the invigorating salty air and take your time to be close to nature, on foot, on a bicycle, or in a boat, gently sailing on a river or on the ocean.